MD Place

Time really flies....MD Entertainment has reached it's 10th year. Since it's establishment in 2003, MD is currently the biggest production house in Indonesia and has produced many films and serials of quality such as  " Bawang Merah Bawang Putih,  Cinta Fitri, Tendangan Si Madun, Raden Kian Santang' and many more which have all  achieved tremendous success. Some of the soaps and films produced by MD have received prestigious awards at the Panasonic Awards, SCTV Awards, Indonesia Movie Awards, Yahoo OMG Awards etc. Infact, the soap opera Cinta Fitri is the only soap that the former President of Indonesia, Bapak BJ Habibie and his late wife Ibu Ainun religiously watched  . How could they not as it was filled with morality and felt close to the lives of the Indonesian community.

Along with the success of MD Entertainment, MD Pictures-one of the subsidiaries now under the name MD Corp (MD Corporation) also produced phenomenal films that managed to earn the highest number of viewers in Indonesia such as Ayat Ayat Cinta,Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah, Habibie & Ainun and many more. Their last movie, Habibie & Ainun managed to get upto 4.700.000 viewers. Thats a spectacular number for this country where the culture of watching films isn't adhered.

The growth of MD Entertainment in the past 10 years has been relatively fast and rapid. Currently under MD Corp, the parent company in entertainment and property, are several subsidiaries such as MD Entertainment, MD Pictures, MD Music, MD Graha Persada and so forth. To accommodate all this, on the 7th of December 2013, will be the inauguration of MD PLACE which consists of 2 towers in Setiabudi- South Jakarta.

It is not just a regular office building. MD Place is an unique form of a high-tech building. The exterior of the building has a web like design that resembles a spider's web. Infact it has become a topic of discussion amongst people calling it "The Spider Building of Spider Man'.

Actually,it is meant to resemble healthy human tissue which is constantly growing and evolving. MD Corp is based on good intentions with the purpose of developing the world of soap operas and films in Indonesia through the work of the people of the nation.


MD strives to consistently produce sinetrons that are based on interesting stories which reflect reality, explore its meaning, or study the often peculiar aspects of life that make our audiences laugh, cry and feel along with our characters. MD's products not only aim to achieve a high entertainment and aesthetic value but also deliver a moral and educational message to its viewers.

Ultimately, MD aims to reach all ages and levels of society for we firmly believe that each and every individual deserves quality entertainment.

We are here to provide it